Privacy Notice and Information Security Policy

Welcome to the “TAICCA x FUTURE CONTENT Website” (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). This Website is created and operated by Taiwan Creative Content Agency (“TAICCA”) and you are welcome to share the information posted on the Website by using links. If you need to reproduce, duplicate or distribute the information on this Website, please contact TAICCA for prior written consent. In order to enable you to use the services provided by the Website with greater peace of mind, we would like to inform you of our Privacy Notice and Information Security Policy as follows:
  1. With regard to the Scope of Policy: The following privacy policy applies to the collection, use and protection of personal information involved in your activities on this Website, but does not apply to the websites of other government agencies, other legal entities, organizations or natural persons linked to the functions of this website. All websites linked to this Website, regardless of whether they are operated and managed by TAICCA, have their own privacy policies and TAICCA is not responsible for any collateral liability. When you engage in activities on these websites, the privacy policy of each website will apply to the protection of your personal information.
  2. Collection and use of personal information:
    • The Website does not collect any personal information when you merely browse or download files from the Website.
    • When you are required to provide personal information for the various online application services provided by this Website, the unit in charge will ask you to provide your name, contact number, email address and other up-to-date and the most accurate information according to the needs of the case.
    • If you post comments or inquire about our services via e-mail or service box, we will keep a record of your communications for the purpose of contacting you.
    • The web server will record the IP address, time spent on the Internet, and the web pages visited on the Website. This information is used by our website management unit for internal traffic and network behavior survey for total analysis to improve the quality of the Website services, and will only analyze the total user behavior, not individual users.
  3. TAICCA has the obligation to protect the rights of each applicant and, unless one of the following circumstances shall occur, TAICCA will not modify or delete any personal information and files without obtaining your prior consent.
    • Violation of the provisions of the Website, such as in the case of abusive or personal attacks.
    • To protect or defend the rights or proprietary rights of the individual concerned.
    • To protect the rights of all parties involved in this Website.
  4. TAICCA will not provide, sell, exchange or rent any personal information to other organizations, individuals or private companies unless for the following cases:
    • To cooperate with lawful investigations by judicial authorities.
    • To cooperate with the investigation or use of the relevant authorities as required by their duties.
    • In the good faith and reasonable belief that the disclosure is necessary for legal purposes or for the maintenance and improvement of the website services and for related administrative operations.
  5. Information Security and Protection: The Website server is protected by a "firewall" to prevent unauthorized access, damage or theft of data. When you use the services of our website, any information stored on our website will be well protected in order to protect your personal information.
  6. Self-data security protection measures: Please keep any personal information in a safe place and do not provide personal information to any third party to protect your rights. Please be mindful that personal information disclosed on the Internet (such as in discussion forums, message boards, chat areas, etc.) may be collected and used by others, and you may receive unsolicited emails from others.
  7. Consultation on Privacy Notice and Information Security Policy: If you have any questions or comments about our privacy and information security policies, please contact us. Thank you.